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About East York for East York, Ontario and Area

When you want to know East York, Ontario

Overview of East York, Ontario, Canada

East York, Ontario is a former suburb of Toronto, which was a borough of Metropolitan Toronto before it was amalgamated into the megacity of Toronto in 1998. Before the amalgamation, it was Canada's only borough.

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History of East York, Ontario

After the war, in the late 1940's, East York became home to many returning veterans and their families. Many inexpensive homes were built by the government to house this influx and the baby boom. East York is separated by the Don River. Traditional East York is south of the river, and the prosperous neighbourhood of Leaside is in the north. The borough of East York was established in 1967 through the amalgamation of the former township of East York and the former town of Leaside. Leaside

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East York's Demographics

Over the last 30 years East York has become a major arrival point for immigrants, many of whom have established their first Canadian residence in the many apartments in the city. These groups include Bengalis, Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos and Sri Lankans. East York also has an established Greek population and a developing Chinese community.

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East York's Climate

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Education in East York, Ontario

East York is has several elementary and secondary schools and is also home to the Ontario College of Percussion.

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Transportation around East York, Ontario

East York is served by the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) through street cars, buses and rapid transit lines.

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Tourism and Attractions of East York

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Surrounding Communities

  • East York

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Geography of East York, Ontario

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East York's Government

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East York's Economy and Industry

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East York's Culture and Significant Events

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Sports in East York, Ontario

East York hosts a very large farmers market that runs every Tuesday from May to October at the East York Civic Centre from 9am–2 pm.

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Media of East York

East York is home to several sporting leagues, such as The East York Curling Club, The Leaside Hockey Association, The East York Soccer Club and the East York Hapkido Karate Club, just to name a few!

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